I am a photographer living in New Zealand. A proud Geekgirl, AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego) and Sci Fi Nerd.

I use both a Canon 5D Mk4 and a Canon 7D with my favourite lens being my 100mm macro. These are used for all my LEGO photos.

My current goal in life is to land a job at LEGO.

I started a Lego365 daily photography project back in 2013, to get me out of a funk. I am now into year 5 of this project and I don’t see myself stopping the daily photos any time soon.

InkBlot Photo posts daily on various social media platforms:

Instagram – @harleyquin
Twitter – @InkBlotPhoto
Facebook – InkBlot Photo
Google+ – InkBlot Photo
Tumblr – harleyquin-lego365

If you see a photo on my Instagram (@harleyquin) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/InkBlotPhoto) that you would like that isn’t already in our store please let us know here

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